New From 1120 Productions – MG-34 Panzerlauf and MG-34 Fliegerbeschussgerät



If you’ve never worked with 1120 Productions stuff they’re probably the best available ( together with their sister company K59 ). Looks like the MG34 has the same separate receiver cover that their MG42 has. Just wish they’d added an ammo bag and a short length of belt.


Z-08 WW2 German MG-34 Panzerlauf

The MG-34 Panzerlauf or the heavy barrel jacket is the panzer mounted version. This kit is designed to fit the panzer cupola AA mount Z-07. Kit contains 6 resin parts, 2 PE parts to built one highly detail MG-34 Panzerlauf.

Z-08-Detail-Group  Z-08-Top_left  Z-08-1


Z-07 WW2 German MG-34 Fliegerbeschussgerät

The MG-34 AA mount is widely use on german panzers – Pz3, Pz4, Panther, Tiger and King Tiger. Kit contains 11 resin parts, 8 PE parts to built into one AA gun mount for panzer cupola. All details are faithfully reproduced, moving parts (swing arm, MG-34 mount etc.) are designed to be workable, adjust freely.


Z-07-Overall  Z-07-Overall_2  Z-07-AZ-07-support-arm1  Z-07-base2  Z-07-comparison