Coming Soon From Zoukei-Mura – 1/32 Heinkel He 219A-7 “Uhu”

That’s right folks, you wait all day for a bus then two come along. Revell announced their one back in about November and have up the boxart at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this week, but no actual model. On the other hand Zoukei-Mura have a fully built up kit, and damn isn’t it nice looking ? And coming back to back with the news from HK Models it makes it a good time for those into big 1/32 scale planes.

ZM announced their own He 219 also back in November but it was thought to be number six, coming after their P-51D and Raiden, so I can only take a guess that they decided with Tamiya having a fresh P-51D, Hasegawa a fresh Raiden, and Revell announcing their own He 219 that this got moved up the list. This will no doubt be more detailed, Revell’s will no doubt be cheaper … decisions, decisions.

Photos are from Prime Portal and you can see more detailed photos there ( a site well worth visiting by the way ).


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11 Responses to Coming Soon From Zoukei-Mura – 1/32 Heinkel He 219A-7 “Uhu”

  1. Hugh Unangst says:

    Is there a projected date on when the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Heinkel He 219 will be available? Is there any engagement with Eduard for photo-etched details on this model? Does anyone have any contact information on Zoukei-Mura as I could not find any on the website. A bit strange.

    • Dean says:

      Nothing concrete sorry, all I’ve heard is the second half of 2012 and yes there will be a full range of detail sets and accessories. I do have an email somewhere that I will try and hunt out but I know what you mean, but it seems to be endemic to Japanese manufacturers, the only one I’ve dealt with that is easy to deal with is Tasca.

  2. Gabriel says:

    I was lucky enough to discover them right before they sold out my favorite aircraft,the Ta-152. It is a beauty, and wouldn’t ya know it, here comes my 2nd favorite, the Heinkel. I’ll get this AND the Revell. Too much respect for these guys to not pay a little more for their kit. Looks amazing

  3. PaulSid says:

    Awesome looking kit -but I’ll wait for the Revell HE 219. I don’t think the mortgage will handle the ZM kit!

  4. glenn says:

    Thanks for the link Dean,
    They do some very nice kit,some neat looking figures very well thought out.I like the guy loading the ammo belts into the aircraft.
    This there a nz importer,supplier?

    • Dean says:

      Nope, you have to buy from Japan unless you have somewhere you can have it delivered in the US. Buying them in the US is the better option as they work out quite a bit cheaper.

  5. glenn says:

    How long has Zoukei-Mura been around?Dean.
    I have not seen any other kits made by them before.

    • Dean says:

      They’ve been around for a while but only release a kit every 18 months or so. So far they do a Shinden, a Ta-152 and an A1 Skyraider. The He 219 will be their fourth but they also do a range of figures and detail sets for their aircraft. Website is

  6. glenn says:

    Man thats one fine looking model,just love the rib,spar detail,and check out those engines and cockpit,does not look like any after market kits needed for this model,I want one.

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