Coming Soon – 1/32 B-17, Lancaster, Mitchell, And Gloster Meteor

About a year ago there was a company called Wingscale that started developing a number of 1/32 scale U.S. WWII Bombers before they became defunct. If you were worried that those bombers had disappeared forever well worry no more because they’re back, this time with a new company, HK Models who are kicking off with the B-25J with the glass nose, then following up with the B-25J with the eight machine guns and the B-25H with the cannon. Later on they plan to also do the Gloster Meteor and most interesting ( to me at least ) the B-17F, B-17G and an Avro Lancaster Mk.III ( I so want one of those ).

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15 Responses to Coming Soon – 1/32 B-17, Lancaster, Mitchell, And Gloster Meteor

  1. Terry says:

    1:32 scale Gloster Meteor yes please

  2. moon says:

    1/32 scale b-17 iLL take 2 sign me up. awsome

  3. Curtis Burton says:

    Just talked to a shop in Melbourne Australia, they expect to get first 1/32 B-17’s in Feb/March.

  4. odin says:

    OH YES…..A 1/32 LANCASTER LET THEM COME !! with a metal landinggear,and crewfigures,
    time for a lot of superdetailling….
    and maybe ???? a C 5B GALAXY from the samen ALWAYS WELCOME !!

    keep the biggies coming !

    • Dean says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath, HK Models announced those almost a year ago now with promises to have them all out by early 2013. Now we’re approaching 2013 and they don’t even talk about them anymore.

  5. Joe says:

    Anyone know when 1/32 scale B-17 is arriving and how do you order it. I just got done building 1/32 scale B-25 came out great


  6. Aloysio Maggessi says:

    How much will they do cost?

    • Dean says:

      The first one, the B-25J, is the only one with a confirmed price so far, $170USD. As for the rest I expect the other B-25s to be the same price but the bigger ones will no doubt be a lot more. When these were first announced by Wingscale the B-17 was projected to be around $200USD but HK Models has already said that price is unrealistic so if you want one I would expect for the four engined kits you may be looking at $250USD or more.

  7. Tracy Weber says:

    I believe this is the company that ripped off the fellow from the netherlands that was heading up the wingscale line. I’d rather wait for his stuff to come out. Not very sporting of them to take his hard work and slap their name on it.

    • Dean says:

      These are indeed the kits developed together with Wingscale and there’s his version and there’s their version and the new version of Wingscale ( Wing XL ) hasn’t exactly impressed me. The truth may lay somewhere in the middle and to be honest I’m surprised how many people were willing to accept one person’s view of events simply because the “bad guy” was chinese. I’m not interested in politics, just the kits and I’ll judge them on what they produce, not on internet hearsay.

      • Tony says:

        Hear hear! There is much speculation on various forums and with few exceptions they are all damning of the Chinese aspect. There is a riposte on Tom Cleavers site that puts the Chinese version of events forward. if anything it appears to be a response to financial irregularities that have dictated this situation. The build on Hyperscale before the furore is evidence of some excellent craftsmanship and what looks like a high quality product. On the other hand who really needs a 32nd scale B17 or Lancaster?

        • Dean says:

          Yeah we did a review of the B-25 a few weeks ago ( it’s under reviews in the “other brand kits” section ) and linked to Tom’s posting of that email. I definitely think people should focus on the kit itself, not any perceived history as really the only people who truly know the full and accurate story are those involved.

          • dan says:

            I have never taken an interest in politics as regards my hobby. I would very much prefer to build a bigger b-17 or lanc over what is available now. The superdetailing possibilities are nearly endless, what with the assorted Verlinden and eduard accessories out right now. Bring out the kits and I’ll buy! Period.

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