Site Update – Registering, Contributing, Etc

Okay, so it seems the old login and spam filter wasn’t working which meant people haven’t been able to register with the site. I’ve changed the spam filter and updated the login so if anyone is still having problems let me know and I’ll go have another twiddle. I’ve also moved the login section back to the top right corner but may put it back down in the footer later on and add a login page instead. Will see how it goes.

Along the way while doing this I’ve learn how to add people as contributors, so if you’re interested in adding something directly to the site let me know and I can change the user settings. For now it would just be “Contributor” which means you can write stuff and submit it for editing/approval, but obviously if someone wants to get seriously involved with the site that can be changed later on to add more permissions etc.

That was all, as you were, carry on.


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