Seems I Didn’t Miss Much

I’ve been looking back over what’s been new in the past 18 months since I was doing this full-time. It’s really rather depressing. Granted it was a rather cursory look but really aside from the huge growth in WWI Armour which would be the big news for me for 2014 (100th Anniversary so glad to see someone did finally get WWI Armour into 1/35 plastic) there were few highlights for me. I guess the best would be Trumpeter’s T35, finally, took someone long enough, no more hunting around for a reasonably priced ICM/Alanger version.

Next to that kinda nothing really, except maybe Riich’s German horse-drawn wagon, I would so have bought ¬†a dozen of those. Also glad to see Bronco finally do the 3.7cm Flak 37 version of their¬†Versuchsflakwagen, and there were a few other little accessories/weapon sets, but bugger all in the way of vehicles that really made me go ooooh. Was glad to see Trumpeter persevering with 1/16, mainly because if I get back into it that may be where I head.

Glad also to see Masterbox still doing the unusual scenes (The German and US Para set with the two girls showering), but sad to see many of their “Works in Progress” have either disappeared or are still works in progress a year and a half later. Biggest disappointment there is what happened to the Horsa, that had so much promise and now it seems to be gone. They had such big plans, so sad to see them die. The 1/35 C47, Ju52 and now the Horsa.

On the plus side, and sort of related, looks like HK Models 1/32 Lancaster is still being worked on, so good to see they didn’t fade away. And a Mossie at long last, that’s good news if you like your guns with wings instead of (or as well as) with tracks. Still would be nice to one day see a 1/35 (or even 1/32) Ju52 or Me323.

Maybe it’s just me but seems I didn’t really miss much by missing 2014. Or could just be because I’ve been out of it. Just seems like there used to be a lot more to be excited about. The likes of Riich, Bronco and ICM have still bought out a lot of interesting stuff but it’s mostly stuff announced way back in 2013 so there’s a lot more Axis softskins around. But still not seeing a lot of French or Italian stuff.

Well let’s see how it goes from here.

Trumpeter 1-35 T-35 Bronco 1-35 Versuchsflakwagen Fur 8.8cm Flak.37 Auf Sonderfahrgestell Pz.Sfl.IVc Riich Models 1-35 HF.7 Stahleldwagen German Horse Drawn Wagen

All Is Not Lost

So I’ve decided that I’m going to keep this around for a while, primarily for the research side of it, the photos, walkarounds etc. I still have thousands of photos so I’m going to slowly organize them and get them up on here. The posting will be nowhere near as prolific as it used to be but the site will keep ticking over and I’ll still throw in the odd opinion piece and news item if it really tickles my fancy. Though I do feel like I’ve been out of it dfor so long that so much has changed (other than DML who I notice still haven’t really broadened their horizons all that much).

So onward and upward.

Slowly at first mind you.