Build Log – Tamiya Sd.Kfz.124 Wespe : Part 3


Okay, not a huge ammount of progress, I’ve been busy with a few other things, but the base paint job is now there. This was undercoated in hull red then given a coat of Tamiya Dark yellow which was then gone over with several darker shades in some areas, followed by several progressively lighter shades to bring the whole think up to a point where it’s about three shades lighter than it will be when finished as the washes will darken it back down a bit.

As this will be set in Italy I’ve decided that it will most likely stay just plain dark yellow but I’ll decide for certain on that in the next few days. I want to do something a little different from the usual 1943 red/yellow/green camo so I’m thinking just dark yellow as these were a support artillery piece set behind the main line in more static positions. If I do add a camo it’ll just be large green patches.